Experiments in Eating Better

Focusing on my health was never really a priority for me. That is, of course, a privilege for which I have been quite lucky. My health has always been good enough that it never had to be a priority. 

However, if I’m spending 2018 working on improving myself, then health deserves some attention. 

Nutrition has always been my weakest area, so we’re starting there.

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Planning for Better Health

We’re spending the month of June exploring health.

Specifically, we’re going to spend much of it looking at nutrition and exercise.

I explained in the last post that this month will be from a more experiential viewpoint than previous months. With that in mind, it would probably be useful for me to let you know the starting point and the plan.

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Saving Money Better – Focus on the Big Wins First

A lot of people set resolutions to save more money. In fact, it was the third most popular resolution for 2015, behind only “lose weight” and “get organized.” But as we’ve noted before, only 8% of people successfully achieved their resolutions. So how do we go about making sure that we are the select few who actually do save more money?

Do you focus on the Latte Factor and cut out your daily coffee? Do you drive around in search of the best deals or spend your Sundays clipping coupons?

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