When is Shaming Okay?

When we last met, we discussed donating money to charity and the pushback that comes when you publicly encourage people to donate more.

The discussion in the personal finance community originally kicked off with a thread of tweets from Tanja of Our Next Life. When I reached out to folks to learn more about why they pushed back against the encouragement to donate more, I received a lot of different answers that I detailed in the last article.

I also received a lot of complaints about shaming that I set aside and investigated separately.

So let’s dive into shaming here today. Continue reading “When is Shaming Okay?”

The Case Against Charity

Earlier this year the personal finance community got into a heated debate about charitable giving. The conversation kicked off with a thread of tweets from Tanja of Our Next Life.

Tanja’s thread was filled with research and nuance, but the big takeaway was basically that we fail to recognize when we are wealthy, and this leads to a scarcity mindset that, among other things, causes us to donate much less money than we are actually able.

This all seemed pretty uncontroversial to me. And yet, it led to a lot of pushback. Especially the idea that those of us with money should be donating more of it.

I wanted to understand why, so I asked. Continue reading “The Case Against Charity”