The Point of It All

We’ve covered a lot of big topics so far this year in our quest for a better life.

We spent January figuring out how to plan and strive for our ideal life. How to make changes big and small to achieve that dream.

In February we explored the basics of personal finance. We learned how to get control of our money and make a plan so that our money supports our ideal life, as well.

March was an exploration of time management so that we can fit more into the life we have now.

But how do these actually help us have a better life? What actually makes life better?

It’s All About Happiness

Why do we even need a plan rather than drifting through life?

Why do we need more money? Why not buy what we want, live in debt, and deal with the consequences later?

Why do we want to manage our time better? What is the real benefit of being more productive anyway?

Ultimately, we do all of these things because we want to be happier.

How to Build Happiness

Everything else that we do here is in furtherance of happiness. Either happiness for ourselves or happiness for others.

We want a plan for our life so that we can achieve big goals that will make us happy. So that we can make a better world and make other people happy.

We want to better manage our time for the same reasons. We want to achieve more, for ourselves and for others.

We want more money so that we can avoid the stresses that make us unhappy and pay for a life that makes us and our families happy.

You Can Be Happier!

In recognition of this, we will be spending significant time exploring happiness directly this year.

We’re going to start with exploring the science of happiness in April before moving on to the intersection of money and happiness in May.

We often view happiness as either a pot of gold to be collected at the end of our journey or as a mystical force in the ether that either happens to you or doesn’t.

In the recent past, scientists have started exploring happiness in depth and found that neither of these ideas are true.

Understanding Happiness

Happiness is measurable and able to be studied.

With a little knowledge and a little effort, we can discover what makes us happy and what doesn’t.

We can explore where our perceptions and reality differ. Where our journals differ from our brain scans. We can learn why what we think makes us happy, doesn’t. And we can learn what actually will.

We can dive deep and really understand how to live happier lives.

Buckle up.

Join the Conversation!

Do you have an active approach to living a happier life? What do you do? What do you avoid? How has your quest for happiness gone so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us Matt. I agree wholeheartedly with this subject. The second sentence of my about page says “At its core, this blog is about happiness.” I tend to write about happiness from only the perspective of making personal finance decisions. I’m really excited to read all the happiness research and your opinions on it that I expect in the next two months.
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