Plan Your Better Life

I set out to make 2018 a year of intentional improvement.

Here at the blog, that is manifested in devoting each month to a different theme. We’re looking at all different angles of life and how to make it better.

Map out your life planTime seems to be moving quickly and we are coming up on the end of January, which is life planning month.

To close out, I want to run through the things that we’ve learned and the action steps we can take as well as the steps that I will actually be taking in my own life. The former will be the subject of today’s post, while Tuesday will be a discussion of the latter.

I hope that you’ll share your takeaways and any action steps that you plan to take. We can keep each other accountable. Continue reading “Plan Your Better Life”

Not Making a Decision is Making a Decision

It is easy to become overwhelmed with choices.

We live in a world of options, and decision fatigue is a real problem to which many people succumb.

Sometimes we just don’t have the willpower at the end of a long day to make good decisions

Often we defer making decisions entirely. Sometimes it feels like the easiest option is just not to make a decision. Or, a variation on this, we make a decision that we will decide at some other point in the future.

The thing that we often forget is that when we fail to make a decision, we are implicitly making a decision to stick with the status quo. Continue reading “Not Making a Decision is Making a Decision”

Why We Have Trouble Making a Change

When faced with a tough decision, most people choose to do nothing.

This is the basis of the Status Quo Bias, first proven in a series of experiments in 1988 out of Harvard. The general idea is that people are emotionally attached to the current state of affairs and are skeptical of any change from that baseline.

This means that we tend to need overwhelming proof to make a change, even when that change would be the better option. Continue reading “Why We Have Trouble Making a Change”