How to Get Healthier

We’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing what we’ve learned around these parts in 2018.

We started with some big picture lessons on life planning, personal finance basics, and time management and productivity. Then we went into happiness and the intersection of money and happiness.

June was an exploration into how to live a healthier life. It was also a bit different from our other topics. Continue reading “How to Get Healthier”

Managing Your Time

Around these parts we’ve spent each month of 2018 exploring a different topic for self-improvement.

As we approach the end of 2018, we’re spending the last several weeks of the year reviewing what we’ve learned.

We’ve already recapped our January deep dive on life planning and our February explanation of personal finance basics. The next subjects we dove into were time management and productivity. Continue reading “Managing Your Time”

Go To Bed. Seriously.

We can’t leave our month of talking about health without hitting on sleep.

We already looked at sleep in the context of productivity and time management. There are lots of great productivity reasons that you should sleep more and lots of research showing that skipping sleep to work more doesn’t actually result in more work getting done.

But there are also a lot of health benefits to getting sufficient sleep, so we’re revisiting it today. Continue reading “Go To Bed. Seriously.”

Better Life – First Quarter Update

I’ve dubbed 2018 the year of improvement.

Each month we are exploring a different area of life and figuring out how to be better.

In January we explored life planning. February was for personal finance basics. And March was all about time management.

I am sharing as much information as I can learn about each topic. However, at the heart of the project is an experiment in applying everything that I learn to myself.

The end of March marks the end of the first quarter of 2018, so let’s check in. Continue reading “Better Life – First Quarter Update”

Sleep Your Way to the Top

During this year of improvement, we are taking the month of March to explore time management. Once you’ve tracked your time, set your priorities, and scheduled a bit of unscheduled time, then it is on to getting the most out of whatever is left.

When trying to find more time for something you want to do, the easiest approach is to take time away from something else.

Sleep takes up hours of our day every single day.

These two facts make it tempting (and common) to try to get more done by sleeping less.

While this may make sense intuitively, research shows that it is actually making things much worse. Continue reading “Sleep Your Way to the Top”

The Three Fuels of Productivity

I read a lot of self-improvement books. Most of them are garbage.

Sure, they may have useful tips and tricks, but usually they contain about enough useful information to fill a blog post. This is then surrounded by fluff, anecdotes, and flowery language to meet the word count for a book.

This is what I expected when I picked up Chris Bailey’s The Productivity Project. I anticipated some helpful tips, but mostly fluff.

That is not what I got.

This book is one of the rare finds that actually has a lot of useful information. Continue reading “The Three Fuels of Productivity”

Want to Get More Done? Go Back to Sleep.

Sometimes a key to solving a problem seems counterintuitive at first.

If you are pressed for time and constantly facing deadlines, the most helpful thing to do is often to step back and take some extra time to plan and prioritize.

If you find that you can’t stop spending too much, sometimes paying for a personal finance course is a good idea.

And, as we will explore today, if you feel like you are not productive enough with your days, you might want to try sleeping more.

Pretty sure this guy is sleeping, although it is possible that he is dead.

Continue reading “Want to Get More Done? Go Back to Sleep.”