Get More Done by Working in Blocks

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As part of our month exploring time management, we spent the last article focused on decreasing multitasking.

Multitasking is harmful to our productivity because our brain is actually switching modes back and forth between the two things that we think we’re doing simultaneously.

In getting rid of multitasking, we eliminate that “cognitive switching” that slows our brain down.

But why stop there? Why not take this to the next level and work on making transitions between tasks easier on our brains?

Today, we’re going to explore blocking our time. Continue reading “Get More Done by Working in Blocks”

How You’re Killing Your Own Productivity

We’re spending the month of March exploring time management and how to optimize it.

On Tuesday, we looked at sleep. Cutting back on sleep seems intuitively like a good way to increase productivity, but actually makes things worse.

Today’s topic is similar.

When we struggle to get as much as we want done, we often fall back on multitasking.

Like sleeping less, this makes intuitive sense, but ends up hurting us according to the data. Continue reading “How You’re Killing Your Own Productivity”