Happiness is Other People

Today we’re continuing our recap of 2018 by reviewing what we learned in September.

We had already made a few jaunts into happiness by this point. We learned about the science of happiness, the intersection of money and happiness, and the philosophy of happiness.

In September we built on this base by exploring how our relationships impact our happiness. Continue reading “Happiness is Other People”

Does Marriage Make You Happier?

We know how important relationships are to our happiness.

Given that our closest relationship is with our spouse, our spouse (or lack thereof) should be a really important factor in our happiness, right?

This seemed like the obvious place to start in understanding relationships and happiness, so I dove into the research on marriage. The data on whether marriage makes you happier is…a bit complicated. Continue reading “Does Marriage Make You Happier?”

Money for Couples

The topic of how couples should handle money is full of land mines.

There are a lot of people with a lot of very strong feelings about the “right” way to handle money as a couple.

Some people say that if you aren’t entirely joined in every aspect, then you aren’t in a true marriage.

Some say that if you aren’t entirely separated in your finances then you aren’t truly protecting yourself from the realities of the modern world.

I don’t have a single method that I want to prescribe to you today. But my wife and I have gone through a bunch of different ways of handling money as a couple, and I’ve got some lessons that may be useful. Continue reading “Money for Couples”