Set Goals That Scare You

We ended last week talking about fear.

While we were specifically focused on our natural fear of change, we studied the idea of fear as a whole.

Don't let fear hold you backFear makes a lot of sense from an evolutionary perspective, but can be overbearing in the modern context.

There are still times when being afraid helps. Our fight or flight instinct helps us get out of the way of an oncoming train or lift a car off our child.

But there are times when our fear is harmful. Our natural instincts can prevent us from introducing ourselves to someone out of fear of embarrassing ourselves. This in turn can prevent us from forming a relationship that leads to lifelong friendships, career boosts, or other improvements in our lives.

To make sure fear doesn’t prevent us from living our best life, we need to get better at examining and overcoming it.

We need to set goals that scare us. Continue reading “Set Goals That Scare You”