Answering UBI Questions and Concerns (Universal Basic Income Part 3)

Last week we started our deep dive into Universal Basic Income.

First we learned what UBI actually is and what the different visions for it entail. Then we dove into the research to learn that giving people money works.

Today we’re going to tackle a whole range of other questions and concerns that people have about UBI.

(Today’s post is going to reference information we learned in the last two posts, so if you feel like you’re missing something, feel free to double back and catch up!) Continue reading “Answering UBI Questions and Concerns (Universal Basic Income Part 3)”

The Surprising Power of Community

During our September dive into relationships and happiness we’ve learned that strong relationships make us happier.

We also know that helping others makes us happy.

This makes sense to the extent that helping people we know strengthens our relationships with them.

One of the mysteries, though, is why helping strangers makes us happier. It doesn’t strengthen our relationships, because we may never see those people again or we may be doing our good deeds anonymously. In the case of some charities we may not even be able to identify the specific people that we are helping. And yet, we still are happier.

One possible solution is that helping others, even others that we don’t know, makes us feel like part of a larger community. Continue reading “The Surprising Power of Community”

Why You Should Be Watching More Sports

There are plenty of reasons to watch sports. Some of these are obvious, like the raw entertainment value that most people get from watching their sport of choice. Others are less obvious, like the networking benefits of having an arsenal of non-work-related topics to discuss.

If you are interested in a deep dive on sports fandom and society, I would recommend checking out Daniel Wann’s book, Sports Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators.

Today, though, I specifically want to discuss a few of the ways that watching sports (and having a team that you root for) can make you a happier person. Continue reading “Why You Should Be Watching More Sports”