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  1. Yeah, we will hopefully be taking advantage of the tax free growth for a long time and accessing at age 65 for whatever we need. Of course barring any major need to use it beforehand……Like you, we have the $1k in a money market account stipulation. The rest is in the Vanguard REIT fund VGSIX. This fund has performed well so far this year – 8%

    It’s really a great triple whammy benefit. Anybody who has the opportunity to use it, should take full advantage of it.
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  2. My employer only offered an FSA but Mr Groovy has had an HSA for several years. He loves it as a saving tool and was hoping we’d both be able to get one on Obamacare. But I read several articles indicating none would be offered in 2017 for non-employer policies. The issue has to do with conflicting components (deductibles and limits, I believe) of HSAs and HDHPs on the exchange. One seems to exclude the other. We’ll see soon when the plans are unveiled.
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