Victim Mentality and the Personal Finance Community

I’ve found a lot of value in seeking out opinions I disagree with and working to understand them better. I have learned a lot more from this approach than from standard debates where both sides are dug in and defensive.

Lately I’ve also used this approach to inform my writing. I’ve reached out for opinions on privilege, charity, and shaming in an effort to have more fully fleshed out ideas.

Given this background, I decided to take a similar approach to something that is often discussed among personal finance bloggers in a broad and vague manner: victim mentality.

Especially on Twitter, personal finance bloggers regularly complain about other bloggers encouraging a victim mentality. These comments are generally met with likes and agreement.

But I didn’t understand. How could this be so prevalent in the personal finance community without me even noticing? Do we just have different definitions of victim mentality? Are we just running in different circles?

I reached out and asked folks to name names and explain their rationale to get a better understanding. Continue reading “Victim Mentality and the Personal Finance Community”