Recession-Proof Yourself

In our exploration of investing and the economy, we’ve touched on a few more pessimistic topics.

We explored how the value of work is declining and how good jobs are disappearing. It’s important to face these facts with a clear, unbiased view so that we can prepare ourselves and avoid being left behind.

This is also true in assessing whether a recession is coming.

Based on historical trends, we are overdue for a recession. On top of that, we’re in the midst of a trade war that some economists think could push us into a recession.

Whether you agree with that assessment or not, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for a recession so that if and when one does hit, you don’t lose your financial footing. Continue reading “Recession-Proof Yourself”

Your House is Not an Investment

We’ve been spending the month exploring economics and investing.

Not once in any of that exploration have I mentioned housing. Even when discussing what we should be investing in.

Why? Did I forget to include it? Isn’t buying a house a great investment?

In short: No. Continue reading “Your House is Not an Investment”

Don’t Buy the Dip!

We’ve been spending the month of August exploring investing and the economy.

Most recently, we learned that we cannot time the market and we shouldn’t even try.

The numbers behind this are pretty uncontroversial, but a lot of people still believe that they are the exception. Even a significant number of people that believe you shouldn’t time the market still carve out little exceptions.

One of these is the practice of saving up cash and investing that extra money when the market drops. It makes sense – if you can invest more when the market is down, then you’ll earn more when it comes back up. I’ve read this advocated in the personal finance space quite a few times and I’ve even done it myself before.

But it is wrong.

Even this form of timing the market will lose you money. Continue reading “Don’t Buy the Dip!”

How to Start Investing

By now you may be convinced that you need to be investing

You’ve seen the numbers, you’re convinced of the declining value of work, and you are aware of the rough job markets ahead.

But what should we do about it?

Now may be a good time to get into some more practical advice, so today we’re exploring how to get started with investing. Continue reading “How to Start Investing”

Good Jobs Are Disappearing

Around these parts we’re spending the month of August diving into investing and the economy.

Last week we learned the numbers behind why investing is necessary and Tuesday we learned that we should be investing because work is becoming less valuable.

Today we’ll explore another reason that we need to be building our investment portfolio as quickly as possible: Jobs are disappearing. Continue reading “Good Jobs Are Disappearing”

The Decline of Work

Last week we opened our exploration of investing and the economy by learning why we need to be investing.

We discussed the loss of pensions and the threats to social security. We learned about how inflation eats into our savings to rob us of our spending power. We explored the power of compound interest.

These are all important reasons to invest. But there are others, as well.

We are in a new economy that treats us much differently than it treated our parents. The rules of the game are changing.

Investments are becoming more valuable, while work is becoming less so. Continue reading “The Decline of Work”

Investing is Necessary

We’re spending 2018 around here exploring a new topic every month in order to live our best lives.

Way back in February we explored personal finance basics. This month we’re going to go a bit deeper and explore a bit more complex personal finance topics. Our focus will be on investing and the economy as a whole.

We’re going to open the month today with a justification of why we need to cover any of this:

Investing is necessary. Continue reading “Investing is Necessary”