Go To Bed. Seriously.

We can’t leave our month of talking about health without hitting on sleep.

We already looked at sleep in the context of productivity and time management. There are lots of great productivity reasons that you should sleep more and lots of research showing that skipping sleep to work more doesn’t actually result in more work getting done.

But there are also a lot of health benefits to getting sufficient sleep, so we’re revisiting it today. Continue reading “Go To Bed. Seriously.”

Experiments in Eating Better

Focusing on my health was never really a priority for me. That is, of course, a privilege for which I have been quite lucky. My health has always been good enough that it never had to be a priority. 

However, if I’m spending 2018 working on improving myself, then health deserves some attention. 

Nutrition has always been my weakest area, so we’re starting there.

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Planning for Better Health

We’re spending the month of June exploring health.

Specifically, we’re going to spend much of it looking at nutrition and exercise.

I explained in the last post that this month will be from a more experiential viewpoint than previous months. With that in mind, it would probably be useful for me to let you know the starting point and the plan.

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Getting Healthier!

Here at Optimize Your Life, we’re spending 2018 figuring out how to live our best possible lives. Each month, we’re examining a different topic that helps us get there.

In January we learned about life planning. February was personal finance basics. March was dedicated to time management.

Then we spent two months on happiness. In April we learned about the science of happiness before using that information to learn about the intersection of money and happiness in May.

For June, we’re going to be diving into the topic of health. And it’s going to be a bit different. Continue reading “Getting Healthier!”